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Read what our parents have to say about the Zooligans experience...

Kirsten Cleland, New Zealander (Jay, Age 3)

"Since Jay's first day at Zooligans, he has always been excited about going to school. Now I have trouble getting him to come home at the end of the session, and he is asking to go extra days, too. It has been exciting to watch him blossom during his year at Zooligans, making new friends and trying new tasks. The staff is affectionate and caring, and guides the children positively through any issues that may arise. I love that at the end of each session the children all run to give each teacher a hug before they leave.

Nicole is incredibly nurturing to the children and encourages the same from her staff. She is always on hand to discuss any issues or feedback, and the "logs" she keeps for each child about their daily activities is a very special way to keep up with what is going on.

We are very sad to be leaving Zooligans this year, due to our departure from Shanghai. I wish our older sons were able to enjoy the same experience Jay has, and I think I will be hard pressed to find somewhere as special as Zooligans for Jay once we move.

Thank you Zooligans for giving Jay such a positive start to school life. It has been a very special time for both Jay, and myself."