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Read what our parents have to say about the Zooligans experience...

Yuki Lee, Chinese (Yuanbao, Age 3)

"I heard of Zooligans from my friend who sent her daughter there, and thought it was quite good. At that time, I was looking for a school to help Yuanbao transition from home to kindergarten. So we went.

Yuanbao had happy days at Zooligans for sure. Every time I picked her up, she wanted to play more before we went back home. I believe she learned a lot from playing. Once she was shy, but at Zooligans she learned how to make friends. She can share toys and books with other kids and she is willing to express herself confidently. I saw the improvement of her personality during her stay at Zooligans. Also, Nicole is an expert to consult with. When I had any problem with my child, I could always get some advice from her. Today is Yuanbao's first day at a local kindergarten and she seems to be more adaptable. Her time in Zooligans helped a lot. Thanks!"