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Read what our parents have to say about the Zooligans experience...

Emily Chang (Laini, Age 3)

"After researching 15 schools, we settled on YCIS (a large international school), but were waitlisted. So we looked around and found Zooligans. What an awesome program! The learn-through-play program is personalized with an amazing teacher-student ratio; there were 4 teachers (2 English speaking and 2 Chinese speaking) and 2 Ayi's in a classroom of 12 kids in my daughter's Tues/Thurs class. For her first school experience, Laini was anxious but immediately loved the program! She told me she had one favorite Chinese Teacher (Ms. Ava) and one favorite English-speaking Teacher (Ms. Katie).  Nikki, the owner is amazing - she clearly LOVES what she does, and owns the place privately to enable flexibility and quality. 


Dr. Ulla Friis Ferring (Niels, 18 months)

"When Niels started at Zooligans he was quite a shy boy, and today he is confident, social, and quite an artist. He has learned so much both socially and educationally. 
Zooligans really does have a very compassionate and commendable staff, who enjoy what they do. I cannot thank them enough for all that they have done. We couldn’t have asked for a better “second family” to guide, teach and love our little boy."

Craig Ferguson (Max, Age 2)

"We have had an excellent experience with Zooligans. Moving to Shanghai was overwhelming enough, but settling our 2-year-old into a kindergarten was one of the biggest challenges. Fortunately, I heard about Zooligans through a friend. After visiting the location on Hong Mei Lu and meeting Nicole, I quickly felt that this was a great place for our son to start his learning years. Zooligans is not a big, overwhelming faceless school. Rather, it's a warm, intimate and friendly environment that our son has grown to love.


Kirsten Cleland, New Zealander (Jay, Age 3)

"Since Jay's first day at Zooligans, he has always been excited about going to school. Now I have trouble getting him to come home at the end of the session, and he is asking to go extra days, too. It has been exciting to watch him blossom during his year at Zooligans, making new friends and trying new tasks. The staff is affectionate and caring, and guides the children positively through any issues that may arise. I love that at the end of each session the children all run to give each teacher a hug before they leave.


Yuki Lee, Chinese (Yuanbao, Age 3)

"I heard of Zooligans from my friend who sent her daughter there, and thought it was quite good. At that time, I was looking for a school to help Yuanbao transition from home to kindergarten. So we went.


Fanie Rioux, French-Canadian (Edouard, Age 3)

"Zooligans is a warm place to be. We feel the emphasis given to human relations, both between child and adult and between adults. Edouard learns while playing with friends everyday and enjoys the variety of activities every week. Creativity and imagination have an important place in the activities schedule. Also, daily feedback helps us to be aware of the Edouard's progress. Most of all, Edouard is always looking forward to the next session!"

Tracy Lees, Australian (Sonya, Age 3)

"I think Zooligans offers a great program. When I started looking for something for Sonya, I wanted a program that would keep her engaged and give her a setting in which to develop socially. The program has exceeded my expectations. As I mentioned in the registration form, Sonya talks a lot about school, you and Nancy, and her friends. I feel the activities you provide are really stimulating for her. She is proud of the 'work' she does with you. I love to see that the kids get to do the messy stuff in class – paint and rice everywhere! She has freedom to explore in her own way, yet structure to guide her along. A perfect balance.